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Aluminum cam lock fitting 4 inch

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Aluminum cam lock fittings (4″ Part A) cam groove hose fitting camlock fittings 4 inch , Male Adapter Female NPT Thread camlock fitting

About this item

  • The body is made by Gravity Casting, it is stronger
  • 4″ Male Adpater x 4″Female NPT
  • Aluminum Body: Corrosion and abrasion Resistant, Light Weight
  • Standard: AA59326
  • Quick Disconnect

 4 inch Aluminum Cam lock fittings Part A

Product Information:

  • Item Name: 4inch Aluminum Cam lock fitting part A
  • The body is made by Gravity Casting., it is stronger
  • Part No.: CAM-AL-400-A
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Thread type: NPT


  • The 4″ male adapter will connect to 4″ female coupler.
  • The 4″ female NPT thread will connect to 4″ male NPT thread.
How It Works:
  • To make a connection, simply put the camlock adapter into the female copuler and with normal hand pressure, press the cam levers down.
  • Uncoupling is as quick and simple as coupling. Just lift the cam arms and remove the adapter.

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